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Report: Next Apple TV might be an Amazon Echo competitor

It seems Apple is finally gearing up to make Siri useful. Following a report from earlier this week about Apple developing a smart Bluetooth speaker similar to the Amazon Echo, now Venture

Beat is reporting that the next Apple TV could also have the Echo in its sights. “They want Apple TV to be just the hub of everything,” a source told the site. Siri was a big part of the recent Apple TV, but it also requires holding down a button on the remote. The next Apple TV will supposedly be redesigned to include a speaker and microphone of its own, so you could conceivably just shout commands without hitting any buttons.

That same source says Apple has also given up on the idea of building a Bluetooth speaker to focus on its next set-top box, and it’s also considered upgrading the current Apple TV with more Siri smarts. I wouldn’t count out an Apple speaker just yet — it makes plenty of sense for it to dive into that burgeoning market, and it could also co-exist with a new Apple TV. A speaker could also be an easy way to bring Siri into your bedroom (ahem) without having an Apple TV nearby.

All of these rumors could have some truth to them. The most likely scenario is that Apple is working hard to bring expanded Siri capabilities to all of its devices, just like Google is planning to do with its Assistant. Since most people will likely end up relying on only one virtual assistant, it’s important for Apple to be just as ubiquitous as the competition.

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