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Magellan’s new dash cam gives you a 340-degree view

GPS specialist Magellan has announced a number of new dash cams, including a high-end model with a hyper-wide field of view. The RoadMate 7670T-LM is a navigation system that also offers dual HD cameras, each with 170-degree wide-angle lenses. The idea is that you mount one at the front of the car and one at the rear to offer a video feed with a “340-degree field of view.

Pedants among you may point out the error in Magellan’s math. Because of the distance between the two cameras, there will be far more than “20 degrees” missing from the combined feed of the two cameras. That said, both can rotate independently to cover any blindspots, and the system also lets you hook up an additional (and optional) three external cameras for a better view.

All this video feeds into the main navigation unit, which has a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen. From there you’ll be able to view and record two feeds at any given time (the front cam + one other).

It’ll also use those cameras to do some basic autonomy, with lane departure and front collision avoidance warnings. We don’t have a firm price or release date for the unit yet — the new range starts from $179.99, but expect this to be quite a bit higher than that — but we’ll update you on that as soon as we can.

Source: Engadet

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